TopCar Design Reveals Incredible Spec Of Their New Porsche 992 Stinger

TopCar Design Reveals Incredible Spec Of Their New Porsche 992 Stinger

TopCar Design, a tuning company that operates in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Russia, has unveiled an absolutely tremendous spec of their latest project! TopCar Design specializes in tuning McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles ultimately creating unique designs with changes to interior, exterior, wheels, and exhaust systems. Their latest project is specifically for the new 992 Generation Porsche 911. Officially called “Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition”, only 13 examples of this exquisite spec are being made.

The spec we’re looking at today, is specifically #7 of the thirteen-unit run. As clearly seen by the photos, TopCar Design has made Brown jaw-dropping. Not many manufacturers can pull off the color Brown. In our eyes only Bugatti, Pagani, Lamborghini, and Ferrari (for Ferrari’s interiors) can make a Brown car look good. It’s safe to say we can now add TopCar Design to this list. What they’ve been able to create, is truly remarkable and a kit that will totally set your car apart from the rest.

The Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition kit completely revamps the interior and exterior of a Porsche 911. To quote TopCar Design directly, “The most complicated project in the history of the company. This tuning package consists of 84 parts made of 4 layers of carbon fiber (external, internal and 2 structural layers). The 100% car’s surface is subject to change.” Click below to see the full parts list:

TopCar Design Porsche 992 Stinger GTR Parts List

We’re in love with the entire design. The serrated forged wheel design, visible carbon fiber weave in both black and brown, camo-like design underneath the front hood, and more aggressive rear wing + rear diffuser captivate the Brown look even more. The interior leather seat pattern with carbon fiber back, new steering wheel design, and the brown leather with carbon fiber trim replicates the exterior into the interior. A cool Stinger GTR Carbon Edition nameplate is also added, which can be seen when opening the door.

An additional 88,435 € ($99,875.39 current exchange rate) worth of options are also available for purchase, but the main design kit alone will cost 100,000 € ($112,936.50 current exchange rate). It’s most definitely an expensive add-on for your 911, but is it worth it? 100% most definitely it is. Our hats go off to TopCar Design for creating something truly unique, we hope we have the opportunity to see one someday!

Photo Credit For All Images Used and Source – TopCar Design

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