The Passing of Smart for North American Markets ( Smart News )

The Passing of Smart for North American Markets ( Smart News )

It is with great regret that we type this article. The small, fuel-efficient, fun, and can-go-anywhere brand Smart, will no longer be apart of North America. Introduced back in 2008 by Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Smart vehicles came to North America as a new brand to capture market share. Smart even had a great first year, selling 25,000 vehicles! Though unfortunately as time has gone on, sales have continued to go in the wrong direction and the cost of importing had gone on the rise. Thus, making Daimler announce their decision to rid Smart of North America. This process has been in the works for some time, initially cutting gas-powered version of the Smart back in 2017.

Daimler’s reasoning is sound and cannot be proven wrong. It’s strictly business and keeping Smart in North America is just no feasible, considering sales for 2018 resulted in only 1276 vehicles. The good news is Smart will still be offered for the remaining of the year, until the end of 2019. The Smart EQ Fortwo will still be available in both a coupe and convertible, with prices starting just under $25,000. Now is your chance to potentially acquire a piece of history! If you happen to be a current Smart owner, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for you. Daimler will still be offering parts and service for Smart customers, both gas-powered and electric, via their North American dealerships. So there’s some good news! All in all, Smarts were always unique vehicles and definitely served their purpose for crowded cities and compacted living areas. Smart is a brand we will definitely miss here in North America. Who knows, maybe they will come back again in the future! That is all we currently have for you regarding Smart and their North American presence. Of course if anything else surfaces, we will be more than happy to write about it and keep you informed.

Thank you so much for stopping by, please enjoy these photos from Smart. Of course above all things, please remember to drive safe! -Team Tialg

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