The Ferrari 296 GT3 Has Been Revealed - Ferrari's Latest Track Weapon

The Ferrari 296 GT3 Has Been Revealed – Ferrari’s Latest Track Weapon

A brand-new Ferrari GT3 racecar is in our midst! Introducing the Ferrari 296 GT3, we are looking at the replacement of the 488 GT3 Evo!


Meeting all of the FIA’s GT3 requirements to compete professionally on the track, the Ferrari 296 GT3 utilizes the same 3.0L Twin-Turbocharged V6 found in the road-legal Ferrari 296 GTB. Output on the Ferrari 296 GT3 is 600 horsepower and 525 torque, which is 54 horsepower and 21 lb-ft torque less than the standard 296 output. In a GT3 car though, the power is more refined with the added performance of advanced aerodynamics.



The engine for the 296 GT3 has been refined in areas such as reduced fuel consumption and re-engineering of the alternator, which now finds itself bolted to the transmission. The transmission by the way has been completely re-developed for the 296 GT3, opting for a single-disc clutch alongside 6 gears.



Assisting all of this revised performance is an aerodynamic body kit that provides an additional 20% more downforce, significantly more than the 488 GT3 Evo. The new aero called for an increase in the 296 GT3’s wheelbase by 60mm, or 2.36 inches. Inside we find several new changes to improve Ferrari’s latest track weapon.


Ferrari has increased visibility via a re-designed interior, thanks to the input of Ferrari’s top clientele and Ferrari’s test drivers. Also, the interior has been adjusted for quicker driver-changes and ease of getting in and out.



Our favorite part of the new Ferrari 296 GT3, is the improved aerodynamic kit. The massive rear wing, rear diffuser, front diffuser, wheel arch vents, and air ducts on the rear fenders make the 296 GT3 look absolutely sinister. We can’t wait to see one in person and witness how it performs. No question, it will be a masterpiece!


Photo Credit and Source – Ferrari


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