Sebastian Vettel, 4 Time Formula 1 World Champion, Retires

Sebastian Vettel, 4 Time Formula 1 World Champion, Retires


Sebastian Vettel is officially retiring from Formula 1, leaving a legacy inspiring many. Joining Formula 1 in 2006 with BMW Sauber, Sebastian Vettel was stepping into a racing career that will be remembered forever. Little did he know, we’re sure, that he would go down as one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time!


At only 19 years old, Sebastian Vettel joined BMW Sauber in 2006 as their Reserve 3rd driver. Making an impact, Vettel left BMW Sauber in 2007 and joined Red Bull’s Scuderia Toro Rosso team. Upon joining Scuderia Toro Rosso, Vettel replaced Scott Speed and achieved his first race win and the Italian Grand Prix. This performance led to Vettel leaving Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2008 and joining Red Bull Racing from 2009 – 2014.



During Sebastian Vettel’s time with Red Bull Racing, he won 4 back-to-back championships from 2010 to 2013. One of these championships, specifically the 2010, makes Sebastian Vettel the record holder for the youngest Formula 1 driver to win a championship at only 23 years old. After Vettel’s time with Red Bull Racing, he moved on to Ferrari from 2015 to 2020.


Racing for Ferrari was a lifelong dream for Sebastian Vettel, stating:

“The next stage of my Formula 1 career will be spent with Scuderia Ferrari, and for me that means the dream of a lifetime has come true. When I was a kid, Michael Schumacher in the red car was my greatest idol and now it’s an incredible honor to finally get the chance to drive a Ferrari. I already got a small taste of what the Ferrari spirit means when I took my first win at Monza in 2008, with an engine from the prancing horse built in Maranello. The Scuderia has a great tradition in this sport, and I am extremely motivated to help the team get back to the top. I will put my heart and soul into making it happen.” ~ Formula 1 Website


Sebastian Vettel, 4 Time Formula 1 World Champion, Retires
Photo Credit - Formula 1


Officially retiring at 35 years old, Sebastian Vettel would end his career with Aston Martin from 2021 to 2022. Ultimately, leaving a racing legacy resulting in the following:


4 World Championships

299 Races Participated

53 Race Wins

38 Fastest Laps

122 Podiums

57 Poles

3098 Points


Sebastian, we thank you for all that you’ve done for the sport of Formula 1 and the world! Congratulations on the career of a lifetime and we hope to see you with some form of Formula 1 involvement in the near future.




Photo Credit and Source – Formula 1


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