Red Bull Racing's 2022 Formula 1 Victorious Season Recap

Red Bull Racing’s 2022 Formula 1 Victorious Season Recap


Red Bull have claimed both Championships for the 2022 Formula 1 Season! The 2022 Season was a busy time for Red Bull; Through obtaining both the Constructors Championship and the Drivers Championship (Max Verstappen), gaining a new Title Sponsor (Oracle), and dealing with engine manufacturers, Red Bull maintained their focus despite dealing with a new car and external factors.


2022 Constructors Championship

Like most teams, Red Bull had a difficult start to the season due to figuring out the new vehicle. Coming across engine issues, transmission issues, aerodynamic issues (porpoising), Red Bull put their best foot forward and was able to solve many of these problems before the rest of the grid. While the RB18 was still not perfect, Red Bull made due and started to gain a lead whilst battling against Ferrari. As the season continued, Red Bull and their engineers worked out one issue at a time, progressing the car to become better by each Grand Prix. By the end of the 2022 Formula 1 Season, Red Bull and the RB18 (driven by Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen) resulted in a grand victorious season and achieved their 5th Constructors Championship!


17 Wins, 18 Podiums, 8 Poles, 8 Fastest Laps, and 759 points from the RB18 granted a Constructors Championship to Red Bull and a Drivers Championship to Red Bull’s lead, Max Verstappen. Is there anything more you can ask from such a car? The answer, is no.


Red Bull Racing's 2022 Formula 1 Victorious Season Recap
Photo Credit - Red Bull Racing Instagram

2022 Drivers Championship

The 2022 Season resulted in Max Verstappen obtaining a second Drivers Championship, back-to-back seasons! Securing 15 race wins (a record for a single season), 7 pole positions, and 454 points propelled Max Verstappen to winning the 2022 Drivers Championship by a whopping 146 points. Needless to say, Max absolutely dominated this season and earned a well-deserved championship. Verstappen has previously stated how he’d like to remain with Reb Bull for his entire racing career, and that desire is looking to be a reality. Red Bull extended Max’s contract until 2028, granting him 6 more years with the team at bare minimum.


Let’s take a brief walk down memory road on the history between Max Verstappen and Red Bull:

  • Max joined Toro Rosso F1 Team at 17 years old in 2015
  • Crossed over to Red Bull Racing in 2016
  • Won his first Drivers Championship at 24 years old, last year’s 2021 F1 Season with 395.5 points
  • Won his second Drivers Championship at 25 years old, this year’s F1 season with 454 points

Current Max Verstappen Formula 1 Stats as of 8 seasons thus far:

  • 2 Drivers Championships
  • 35 Race Wins
  • 77 Podiums
  • 20 Poles
  • 21 Fastest Laps
  • 163 Race Starts
Red Bull Racing's 2022 Formula 1 Victorious Season Recap
Photo Credit - Red Bull Racing Instagram


Max Verstappen, without question, has been noted in F1 history as one of the greats and he’s still got many more years left. We have no doubt more Championships are in he and Red Bull’s sight! Congratulations to Red Bull on a very rewarding season!


Photo Credit and Source – Formula 1 Website, Red Bull Racing Instagram


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