Red Bull Racing Teases Track-Only "RB17" Hypercar Built For Customers

Red Bull Racing Teases Track-Only “RB17” Hypercar Built For Customers

Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Advanced Technologies are building a track-only hypercar! Yes, you read that correctly. Red Bull is coming out with their very first customer track-only vehicle, limited to 50 cars and each costing $5,263,025 million (€5,000,000 Euros). With production starting in 2025 and designed by the one and only Adrian Newey, the “RB17” will bring Formula 1 performance to customer’s hands for the track.


If by chance you aren’t familiar with Adrian Newey, just know he’s a Formula 1 living legend and is one of the most decorated designers in motorsport. As he currently holds the position of CTO for Red Bull Racing, Adrian Newey has designed 10 Constructors’ Championship winning cars for three different Formula 1 teams. Additionally, 7 different drivers have won a Drivers’ Championship with his designs. It’s safe to say Adrian knows a thing or two about design and performance, so we already know the RB17 is going to be a hypercar like no other.


The RB17 will be fully engineered and constructed by Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes, England, with the two sharing this project together. We know the RB17 will be utilizing a hybridized twin-turbocharged V8 with at least 1100 horsepower, potentially much more. Mentioned also is the RB17 will contain the “most advanced ground-effects package available in a series production car”, whilst having 2 seats and made from a carbon-composite tub.


Adrian Newey talks about how the RB17 “Distills everything we know about creating championship-winning Formula 1 cars into a package that delivers extreme levels of performance in a two-seat track car. Driven by our passion for performance at every level, the RB17 pushes design and technical boundaries far beyond what has been previously available to enthusiasts and collectors.” ~ Red Bull Advanced Technologies Website


This is a vehicle we are very much looking forward to learning more about and will keep you updated as more info comes out, we believe the RB17 from Red Bull Racing and Red Bull Advanced Technologies is going to set a high standard for customer-track cars!


Photo Credit and Source – Red Bull Advanced Technologies / Red Bull Racing



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