Porsche GT3 R Revealed - An Immense New Track Weapon

Porsche GT3 R Revealed – An Immense New Track Weapon

This just in, the Porsche GT3 R has been revealed as Porsche’s latest and greatest track weapon, able to compete in Endurance Racing! Just off of first looks alone, the Porsche GT3 R looks purely immense and capable, as it is based on the current 992 generation of the 911.


The Porsche GT3 R is set to compete in endurance racing, thus making the FIA World Endurance Championship and IMSA SportsCar Championship the grounds of domination for the Porsche GT3 R. So, many things have been changed and improved upon for the Porsche GT3 R to ensure the best possible outcome of success during races; Such as power, suspension, aerodynamics, and the interior. To accommodate for so many of these changes, Porsche has actually extended the wheelbase by 1.9 inches!



The Porsche GT3 R is now equipped with an upgraded 4.2L Flat-Six that pushes 565 horsepower to the rear wheels via a 6-speed automatic sequential transmission. This increase in both engine size and power becomes even more controlled through the re-designed suspension system, allowing for a greater torque band and less tire wear. The suspension system now utilizes a double wishbone setup in the front and a multi-link system in the rear, with new adjustable shock absorbers that come with 5 different available settings. Speaking of tire wear, Porsche has also improved the ABS system to further reduce tire wear and brake wear. When it comes to the brakes, the Porsche GT3 R comes with 6-piston 15.4 inch steel discs in the front and 4-piston 14.6 inch steel discs in the rear.



Aerodynamically speaking, right off the bat is the absolutely massive swan neck rear wing. With the combination power of a newly designed rear diffuser, downforce for the rear tires is of no issue. Inside we see the 10.3-inch display from the Porsche GT3 Cup Car and the steering wheel from the Porsche 911 RSR. An upgraded 6-point harness has been re-issued with new clips that allow for even faster driver changes, every second counts in racing!



If the Porsche GT3 R catches your eye, expect to pay a cool $567,210 to race on the track and have one in your garage! Congratulations to Porsche on truly creating an amazing track weapon.


Photo Credit and Source – Porsche


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