The Porsche 911 Dakar has officially been unveiled at the LA Auto Show!

Porsche 911 Dakar Revealed At LA Auto Show – Off-Road 911

The Porsche 911 Dakar has officially been unveiled at the LA Auto Show! Looking to be available in Spring of 2023 with only 2500 units being produced; the 911 Dakar will be pretty exclusive with an MSRP of $223,450.



As we can tell from the official release photos, the Porsche 911 Dakar is fully equipped to be taken off-road. The natural ride height of the 911 Dakar is 2 inches taller than a base 911, with an additional option to further raise the vehicle by 1.2 inches if additional ground clearance is needed. If additional suspension and height adjustment is needed while driving, know that ride height and suspension settings can be adjusted up to 105mph, at which that point of speed the 911 Dakar will go back to its’ natural ride height and suspension settings. Due to being built for off-road use, the top speed is electronically limited to 150mph. Though, know the engine is much capable to do more.



Power wise, the Porsche 911 Dakar shares the same Twin-Turbocharged 3.0L Flat-Six as the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS, translating to 473 horsepower. To ensure optimal performance and reliability for off-road use, Porsche utilized the stronger engine mounts from the GT3 on the 911 Dakar. Also from the GT3 going onto the 911 Dakar, is the CFRP hood. Porsche’s 8-Speed PDK Transmission, launch control, and All Wheel Drive aid the 911 Dakar in conquering 0-60mph in only 3.2 seconds. Not bad for a car that is utilizing 911 Dakar specific-made Pirelli Scorpion off-road tires! Specifically, the tires are 245/45/19 in the front with 295/40/20 on the rear.



In addition to the off-road tires, ride height, and re-tuned suspension, the 911 Dakar comes with two new driving modes for optimal off-road use. The first is “Off-Road” and the second is “Rallye”. “Off-Road” is focused on more extreme terrain-use and will automatically adjust ride height + suspension settings as needed. “Rallye” is for lighter off-road surfaces and will re-engage power to the rear wheels for racing/driftier purposes.



If you’d like to take your Porsche 911 Dakar to the next off-road level, you can make sure you opt for the extra roof tent and cargo basket option, taking advantage of the roof rack! Lastly, in typical Porsche Design fashion, customers of the 911 Dakar can order a “spec-specific” Chronograph Watch.


As we had mentioned before, we are potentially seeing a brand-new market open up to customers around the world – off-road luxury vehicles. With the recent unveiling of both the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato and the Porsche 911 Dakar, this is a high possibility! Congratulations to Porsche on the wonderful unveiling off a new-market vehicle for production, we can’t wait to see one in person!


Photo Credit and Source – Porsche


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