Pagani Puro Program Announced - Certifies Used Pagani Vehicles

Pagani Puro Program Announced – Certifies Used Pagani Vehicles

Pagani has stepped up their service level with the Pagani Puro Program, a program made for both current and future Pagani owners. The Pagani Puro Program will give complete peace of mind in knowing that the Pagani in your garage is in fantastic condition, or the Pagani you’re looking to buy is in fantastic condition. Here’s how it works:

The Pagani Puro Program, in short, is a vigorous inspection of any Pagani vehicle. No matter how new or old a Pagani vehicle is, the Pagani Puro Program can be applied. An almost 500-point inspection is performed by a hand-picked factory trained Pagani technician, specifically for this program, while also under supervision from the training Pagani Factory Technician. Pagani wants to make sure two sets of eyes are on every vehicle that goes through the Pagani Puro Program. After the near 500-point inspection is complete, a complete workup of the vehicle is documented and compared to when the vehicle was brand new from factory. Once compared, any servicing/maintenance that needs to be performed is then done. Additionally, if desired, the Pagani Puro Technicians will even offer a full restoration process of the vehicle if they feel it is recommended for the customer.

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Once everything is done and checks out as “Passed”, all the inspection details, servicing/maintenance performed, and build details are then collected into a beautiful leather-bound book that is then signed by Horacio Pagani himself. This signature of approval gives the vehicle, no matter how new or old, an extension of the Original Factory Warranty. This is absolutely phenomenal, as this gives both current and future owners of Pagani vehicle peace of mind that their multi-million dollar hypercar is in perfect condition. This program will also assist with re-sale/used Pagani’s that enter the car market.

Buying a used car can sometimes be tough, especially when you get into the supercar/hypercar world because you want to make sure your expensive purchase won’t take you down the drain if all isn’t well. It’s the mentality of trusting the car has been taken care of. It may not sound like much, but this Pagani Puro Program is a home run and will ensure that every Pagani vehicle is in good working condition! This will further increase customer loyalty to the brand and ensure that Pagani vehicles stay on the road. Well done by Pagani and congratulations on the launch of an exquisite program!

Photo and Video Credit For All Images and Video Used – Pagani
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