Pagani Codalunga Revealed As 1960's-Inspired Longtail

Pagani Codalunga Revealed As 1960’s-Inspired Longtail

Pagani has revealed a brand-new exclusive model, limited to only 5 units! Inspired by Italian coachbuilders and racecars of the 1960’s, which were further inspired by aircrafts that focused on top speed and low drag with an emphasis on aerodynamics, the Pagani Codalunga boasts elegance through simplicity.



The Pagani Codalunga was built by collaboration between some of Pagani’s best clients, and Pagani Grandi Complicaziono (Grand Complications) – Pagani’s special projects division that creates one-offs and small special edition runs of vehicles.



The design utilizes an extended rear engine cover, by 360mm, to aid in the inspired low drag and aerodynamic design; “Longtail” as many might call it today. The extended rear end removes the need for a rear grille, which exposes the Pagani Codalunga’s new ceramic-coated lightweight exhaust that only weights 9.7lbs! To complete the area of design, Pagani purposely chose to use neutral colors and semimatte paints to reveal the cars’ simplistic yet effective design.



Active aerodynamics work with the Codalunga’s body shape, overall aiding in performance. This Pagani is powered by the already-familiar 6.0L Twin-Turbocharged V12 that powers all Pagani models and with 840 horsepower / 811 torque at your disposal, plus the Codalunga only weighing 2822 lbs, you’ve got a real 1960’s inspired rocket at your disposal!



As to no surprise, all 5 units of the Pagani Codalunga are sold out. Each of which came to a cost of $7,329,350 (€7,000,000) per unit. The design most definitely screams retro, as can tell by the 1960’s-inspired video Pagani put together. Groovy!


Photo Credit, Video Credit, and Source – Pagani Website and Pagani YouTube Channel


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