McLaren Solus GT Debuted at Monterey Car Week - Single Seat Track Car

McLaren Solus GT Debuted at Monterey Car Week – Single Seat Track Car

At Monterey Car Week, the McLaren Solus GT was unveiled as a single-seater track-only racecar! Inspired by the Vision GT from the 2017 video game Gran Turismo, McLaren has brought this digital racecar concept to life for customers to purchase! With only 25 being made and know official price being mentioned, the buying experience of the McLaren Solus GT alone seems worth it.



Acquiring a McLaren Solus GT will have you feeling like a professional driver, as the car will be personally fitted to you. Customers will have a seat molded and fitted to their body, a FIA-certified racing suit, helmet, head restraint, and radio will be issued, and a private driver-development program will take place. So not only will McLaren equip you like a proper racecar driver, but they’ll also train you to drive like one! Once the driving program is completed, McLaren will host private track events for McLaren Solus GT owners to prove their skills on the track. Buyers of the Solus GT can expect to receive their cars in 2023, not long from now. Let’s dig into the performance!



This being a single-seat racecar, nothing is held back when it comes to engineering and performance. The McLaren Solus GT comes with a special 10,000 RPM revving 5.2L V10 that was created with guidance from Judd Power, engine experts that engineered Formula 1 engines from the 1980’s – 1990’s. 829 horsepower and 479 lb-ft torque are sent to the tires via a 7-speed sequential transmission that is equipped with a carbon-fiber clutch. McLaren is estimating a 0-60mph time of under 2.5 seconds with a top speed of over 200mph, more than enough for most tracks around the world! The Solus GT being a track car, aerodynamics and weight are of equal importance to power.



The entire car is designed to stay hunkered on the ground, necessary for traction and aero. When looking at the McLaren Solus GT, air tunnels can be seen on both sides that start at a front splitter and lead to a rear diffuser and a fixed rear wing. The “hollowness”, as we’ll describe the McLaren Solus GT, when combined with the aerodynamics create an additional 2635 lbs of downforce, which is more than the actual weight of the Solus GT, being 2205 lbs! The carbon-fiber architecture and engine integration into the chassis vastly aid in reducing weight as much as possible.


McLaren Solus GT Debuted at Monterey Car Week - Single Seat Track Car
Photo Credit - McLaren


6-piston monoblock aluminum calipers with carbon brake discs and pads aid the McLaren Solus GT in stopping when needed, in which the brake bias is adjustable by the driver. These pads and calipers sit inside 18” forged-aluminum wheels, which sit inside Le Mans-spec tires. The Solus GT is a true racecar, and it is equipped like one! With deliveries coming rather soon, we can’t wait to see and hear the McLaren Solus GT in action!


Photo Credit and Source – McLaren


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