McLaren Scooter Joins Bugatti Scooter Offering Electric Transportation

McLaren Scooter Joins Bugatti Scooter Offering Electric Transportation

An electric McLaren Scooter has just been revealed, joining the electric Bugatti Scooter as part of the electric scooter market and consumer short-commute transportation. Coming from McLaren Applied, a sub-company of McLaren that offers technical expertise services to outside companies, in tandem with Lavoie, a subsidiary of McLaren Applied, the two built an electric scooter!



Dubbed the “Series 1”, McLaren has released some information with more coming next month. We do know quite a bit for now, enough to gain interest from McLaren customers that would like to add something new to their garage.



Made from magnesium and weighing 36 lbs, the McLaren Scooter can take you 31 miles on a full-charge. When depleted to zero, the McLaren Scooter can be fully recharged in only 2 hours from a normal 3-plug wall outlet. Not bad at all! For easy storage, the McLaren Scooter folds at the push of a button to save space – see pic below.



For protection of the rider and usability during both day and night times, the scooter features lights on the front, sides, and rear for visibility and noticeability. Also, if need be for public road use, the McLaren Scooter comes with turn signals! Riders can enjoy a display screen that shows speed, charge, and mileage. As most cars today come with a mobile app, so does the McLaren Scooter. The app will allow riders to track where their scooter is and locate if lost or not remembered, enables a form of “car alarm” if someone tries to steal it, comes with navigation, and will also have contact capabilities with McLaren support if there’s an issue with the scooter.


As mentioned, more specs will come later with price, power, units produced, etc. Based on first impressions, which scooter do you like more – the Bugatti Scooter or the McLaren Scooter?


Photo Credit and Source – McLaren / Lavoie


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