McLaren Artura GT4 Revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

McLaren Artura GT4 Revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

McLaren has debuted the Artura GT4 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed! Coming in as the official track variant of the road-legal McLaren Artura, the Artura GT4 of course has all sorts of changes made to it.


Right out of the gate, the Artura GT4 is not a hybrid like its’ road-going sibling is. Why? Simple, the GT4 Class the Artura GT4 resides in for racing compliance doesn’t allow for hybrids! Thus, the Artura GT4 is immediately lighter, specifically a whopping 287 lbs. lighter and comes in at 2788 lbs. The weight savings comes primarily from not having an electric motor and switching from a V8 to a compact V6. While the road-legal Artura utilizes a hybridized V8 powertrain, the Artura GT4 is fitted with a V6.



The removal of the hybrid system has allowed McLaren to fit a 110-liter fuel cell and ancillary drive system. A track-ready aerodynamic kit assists the McLaren Artura GT4 with additional downforce and is adjustable depending on which track you find yourself in attendance with. The new rear wing and front splitter come with 7 different adjustable levels.


The McLaren Artura GT4 also comes with a 7-speed transmission with shorter gear ratios, compared to the 8-speed in the road-legal Artura. Increased Brake cooling and a new rear-mounted limited slip differential have also been introduced.



When compared to the previous McLaren GT4 model, the McLaren 570s GT4, the new McLaren Artura GT4 is lighter and comes with more downforce. McLaren also mentions the Artura GT4 borrows the 720s GT3’s adjustable driving pedals and driving seat. If all this sounds good to you and you’re ready to head to the track, McLaren mentions the cost before options and spec will be $210,490 (£200,000 Euros). This makes the McLaren Artura GT4 $10,524 (£10,000 Euros) more expensive on MSRP than the standard road-legal Artura. So what are you waiting for? Head down to your local McLaren dealer and buy one!


Photo Credit and Source – McLaren


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