Lamborghini LMDh Prototype Makes Progress - Unveiled Soon

Lamborghini LMDh Prototype Makes Progress – Unveiled Soon

The Lamborghini LMDh Prototype is making progress and will be fully unveiled soon, specifically the first quarter of 2023!


As we know with endurance racing, referring to the FIA World Endurance Championship and the GTP Class of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, there are lots of rules and regulations that manufacturers must follow. Many of these rules and regulations involve power output, weight, engine-type, etc. Thus, Lamborghini’s LMDh Prototype follows all of these requirements:


1.     Power Output – maximum 671 horsepower and top speed of 211 mph (Lamborghini has worked with Bosch, Williams, and Xtrac for the development of their Twin-Turbocharged V8 Hybrid engine, battery pack, and 7-speed transmission)

2.     Weight – Lightest weight available of 2,271lbs (this is without fuel, fluids, and the driver)

3.     Size – Maximize build size of 16.7 feet long and 6.65 feet wide


Looking at the overall design, from what we can currently see, Lamborghini is making good use of their famous “Y” design concept. The front bumper area and front headlights utilize the “Y” shape, while the central cockpit in the middle of the body flows all the air and downforce to a huge fixed rear wing. The entire car seems as if it will cut through the air like a hot knife through butter, which makes us think of how Ferrari will also design their upcoming prototype racecar!


That’s right, remember Ferrari is entering endurance racing once again at the same time as Lamborghini. Will we see a Ferrari X Lamborghini rivalry?


Photo Credit and Source – Lamborghini

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