Entry-Level Ferrari Rumor is Declining ( Ferrari News )

Entry-Level Ferrari Rumor is Declining ( Ferrari News )

The rumor about a new entry level Ferrari has been the talk of the town for some time. The masses would love a more affordable Ferrari, one that is similarly priced as a McLaren 570s or Porsche Turbo. Initially thought to be the new Ferrari “Dino”, Ferrari has basically confirmed that rumor is not in their best interest. Ferrari is not saying that rumor is dead, rather a new entry level model is not in their current focus.

The truth is, Ferrari has been very open about not needing an entry-level vehicle as apart of their lineup. In fact, we have learned from Autocar how Ferrari truly feels. “Our product line-up is basically trying to redesign our positioning, but we don’t feel there is a need for an entry-price [model] in our product range, and we plan to remain consistent with what we already declared we want to do.”, Ferrari’s Chief Commercial Officer, Enrico Galliera, told Autocar.

Photo Credit – Trazione Posteriore

Maybe this is because Ferrari is launching their SUV soon? The Purosangue is expected to fetch around the $350,000 mark, which is more expensive than their current entry-level car! Sticking to their higher end cars is what Ferrari’s plan sounds like, keeping that “Elitist” mentality in their threshold. Some might agree with their decision while other may deem it rather disappointing. Dino was a sub-brand for Ferrari, which held production from 1957 – 1976. Meant to honor his son, Enzo dedicated this brand in honor of his early passing due to muscular dystrophy. Though thoughtful and truly remarkable, many Ferrari enthusiasts do not consider Dino’s to be true Ferrari’s. We actually loved the idea of a brand new, fresh, and exciting entry level Ferrari. How do you feel about the idea of a cheaper Ferrari being axed?

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