Do Tesla’s Have the Ability to Float? Yes, they Really Do!

Do Tesla’s Have the Ability to Float? Yes, they Really Do!

You might but cool, but you will never be as cool as a Tesla that can float in water cool. What do we mean by this? Well, let’s look to Twitter and Elon Musk to confirm our beginning statement. On April 19th, Elon Musk confirmed the Cybertruck will float for a little bit when talking to a potential customer:

Photo Credit – Twitter

This isn’t the first time Mr. Musk has mentioned his vehicles have the capability to float for some time, given their ability to take on water. Musk has also mentioned a few other times how the Model S has the same capabilities, the given fact that the entire car is sealed immensely does help. It does sound quite odd, doesn’t it? How a 100% electric vehicle can float and won’t be harmed by taking in water, incredible. Given the supplied Twitter screenshot, photo credit to Twitter, would you take your Tesla through water? It only seems appropriate now that Musk must create an underwater vehicle. He has the sky covered with SpaceX and land covered with Tesla, how does a personal underwater vehicle sound Elon? Musk and his Tesla team continue to blow our minds frequently, and we are sure there is more to come.

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