The All-New Porsche Taycan Wins Two 2020 Vehicle Awards!

The All-New Porsche Taycan Wins Two 2020 Vehicle Awards!

The incredible and groundbreaking Porsche Taycan is an absolutely fantastic car. It’s viciously fast, comfortable, full of tech, and looks great. How fantastic is it really, one might ask? Well, the Taycan is so fantastic that is has officially walked away from the 2020 World Car Awards with not one, but two victories! The Taycan was able to capture both the 2020 World Performance Car Award and the 2020 World Luxury Car Award, congrats and well-deserved!

With today’s performance and luxury options, those awards definitely present some tough competition. In fact, Porsche vehicle took the top 3 spots for the 2020 World Performance Car Award! Thanks to InsideEV’s, we have gained additional details of the scoring:

“Porsche Taycan scored 867 points / Porsche 911 scored 809 points / Porsche 718 Series scored 776 points”

Not a bad day for Porsche when you claim the top three spots for Performance. The Taycan truly is an amazing vehicle that offers a pathway to a bright future, not to mention it’s pretty fast with a max capable 0-60mph time of 2.6 seconds (depending o model) while additionally looking incredibly sexy. If you were to nominate a car for the World Performance Car award and the World Luxury Car Award, which would you pick and why?

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