Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 Official Reveal! (Mercedes-Benz News)

Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 Official Reveal! (Mercedes-Benz News)


Mercedes-Maybach has just revealed the Maybach GLS600 and let us tell ya, it’s practically a land yacht that’s full of luxury.

The entire exterior screams Maybach, as it is available in 8 different variants of two-toned paint and sits on 22” wheels as standard. If by chance you do want to go bigger and show you are a baller, as if you aren’t already because you are in a Maybach GLS600, 23” wheels are an option. Running boards that measure 6.8 feet long and feature an LED strip are standard so passengers can comfortably climb into the GLS600 palace. Additionally, the running boards also project the Maybach logo on the ground. In typical Maybach fashion, Maybach’s logo resides via the interior and exterior. A traditional hood ornament, engine cover, rear trunk, and steering wheel all feature the Mercedes-Benz Star. The rear of the interior and farthest rear pillars feature the Maybach logo.

The interior, like any Maybach, is where the magic is made. Mercedes engineers have outdone themselves on this one, truly. The wild factor of the Maybach GLS600, is the platform itself. Based on the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLS580, 7-seats are standard. Imagine taking out the farthest rear two seats in the GLS580, how much room one would have as a rear passenger. Now take your imagining thought and remove one more seat, the Maybach GLS600 has 4 seats as standard! Passengers in the rear get to enjoy 43.4 inches of legroom as the seats sit in their normal configuration, which by the way can lean even farther back. The front right passenger seat, if desired by the right rear passenger, can be shifted forward for a total 4.4 feet of leg room in the rear. If desired, a five-seat configuration for the Maybach GLS600 is possible.

As you can probably already guess, the Maybach GLS600 will come standard as fully loaded. Everything from heated + ventilated seats, full navigation, panoramic roof, the highest leather is all standard. Though, there are a few interesting options if you desire to make your Maybach GLS600 truly one of a kind. Champagne flutes, a refrigerator, rare fragrances and interior perfume, rear-seat entertainment, and folding tables are all available to make your Maybach GLS600 as luxurious as possible. Though with all this luxury, comes quite a heavy vehicle. Thus, the question must be asked. What on earth is powering this thing?

A Twin-Turbocharged 4.0L V8 producing 550 horsepower and 538 lb-ft torque with EQ Boost (additional 21 hp/184 lb-ft tq) are responsible for keeping the land yacht going. Mercedes-Maybach mention the GLS600, U.S. Spec Only, can actually reach 0-60 in 4.8 seconds! Top speed is currently limited to 130mph, which could potentially be for good reason. You wouldn’t want to start tipping over and having slight lift with such a massive vehicle! Mercedes engineers are more than confident this engine will be more than enough to truck the land yacht through thick and thin.

All of this power, luxury, and exclusivity will be available for purchase either 3rd or 4th quarter of 2020. The price is still an estimated $200.000, as Tialg sources have found. Mercedes-Benz has always been one of the biggest kings in luxury, Maybach takes that to the next level. Is the Mercedes-Maybach officially the world’s most luxurious SUV? What do you think?

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