Mercedes-AMG Develops CPAP Machine to Fight COVID-19

Mercedes-AMG Develops CPAP Machine to Fight COVID-19

The fight against COVID-19 is still going strong. Automotive Companies of all sizes are coming together in order to fight the microscopic enemy and this just in, Mercedes-AMG have dove right in. Mercedes-AMG’s High Performance Powertrains Division, being part of the F1 Petronas team, have developed a brand-new CPAP machine with the University College London to assist with COVID-19 patients. Through brilliant reverse engineering, Mercedes-AMG F1 engineers and UCL (University College London) have developed a CPAP machine that is easier to use, cheaper to make, and can readily be produced by the thousands.

Reports show the UK’s National Health Service and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency have both already approved the new CPAP machine via Mercedes-AMG and UCL. In fact this design is so good and readily available, that UCL reports the following: “Within two days of the designs being available, nearly 700 requests to access the information had been approved. These requests came from 25 countries and were made by manufacturers, non-profits, health experts and research institutes.”

Photo Credit – University College London (UCL)

This is another Win for Humanity, as our strength and minds have been proven to come together during this time of pandemic. As Tialg is your automotive resource, nothing warms our hearts more than to see Automotive manufacturers come together in a time such as this. Humanity is what matters, cars are just a small part of what brings us together. As more COVID-19 news surfaces with automotive manufacturers, Tialg will keep you informed.

Thank you for choosing Tialg as your go-to automotive resource, please enjoy this official CPAP photo from UCL (University College London and Mercedes-AMG’s F1 car. Above all else, drive and stay safe. -Team Tialg      

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