Lamborghini Plans New Model Unveiling + Resuming Production

Lamborghini Plans New Model Unveiling + Resuming Production

Ladies and Gentlemen, a new Lamborghini is headed our way! Lamborghini has announced a new bull will be making itself known in just a few days from now, May 7th. Is this bull a new variant of the Urus or Huracan? Maybe a different version of the Aventador or Sian? Lamborghini has not given any pre-specific details at the moment, they are holding all of the good news until the official unveiling.

In addition to a new Lamborghini model, we are also pleased to announce that Lamborghini has made the executive decision to resume operations of production today! That’s right, Lamborghini has officially re-opened their Sant’Agata Bolognese production plant to continue rolling out Supercars and their ultra-performance SUV. Lets not forget Lamborghini has stayed quite active even though they were not producing vehicles. Their production of face masks to assist with COVID-19 and several other manufacturing processes have not stopped. We can’t wait until the official unveiling occurs, what do you think the new model will be?

Thank you for choosing Tialg a your go-to automotive resource. Please enjoy this official Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD release photo from Lamborghini pictured above and remember, drive safe! -Team Tialg

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