Formula 1 Spain Race Recap May 2021 – Battle of the Two Giants

Formula 1 Spain Race Recap May 2021 - Battle of the Two Giants

Does the 2021 Formula 1 Season have you standing out of your seat yet? We most certainly are! The Spanish Grand Prix was a fantastic display of driver capabilities, the 66 lap race at the Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya consisted of 16 turns per lap spanning a total track distance of 4.675 km long (2.905 miles for us Americans). Let’s recap!

Starting off immediately, quite literally before the race began, Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) was fined a 5-second penalty for not being in the correct position at the starting grid. Gasly’s front wing and wheels were well beyond the starting line for his placement, not the best way to start the race!

As the race officially began and we ventured into Lap 1, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) struck the first blow at Mercedes by overtaking Hamilton right into Turn 1. Vastly impressive, as Max started 2nd, causing Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) having to fight for positioning throughout the race.

Lap 8 surprised us all as Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) experienced technical difficulties with his car, resulting in a DNF. As Tsunoda was approaching a corner, his AT02 lost all power and completely died without the ability to restart. Outside of crashing, this is possibly the worst thing to happen to an F1 driver.

The Spanish Grand Prix proved this was a battle of Pit Stop strategy between the top dogs. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battled it out all the way until Lap 60, in which Hamilton passed Verstappen for the overtake to 1st. Mercedes’ Pit strategy with both Hamilton and Bottas was tricky, but it was pulled off. What makes the Spanish Grand Prix tricky is when to pit, which is what caused Verstappen to lose the race. The track is just short enough to where if there is decent tire age on your current set, the risk is one of two things; Being overtaken while in the pit for a fresh new set of tires, or being overtaken due to not having enough grip in your current tires because your rival behind you has a new set of tires. The latter was the case for Max Verstappen and Red Bull.


Formula 1 Spain Race Recap May 2021 - Battle of the Two Giants
Photo Credit – Formula 1 Instagram


Lap 61 was a bit traffic jammed, throwing Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) off the track and into the gravel. Whilst Stroll went off and then drove back on again, he was lapped by Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) but then overtook Fernando Alonso (Alpine), in which he had to give the position back to Alonso.

Round 4 of the 2021 Formula 1 season at the Spanish Grand Prix was truly fantastic. While everyone fought hard and Red Bull did their best, claiming 2nd, beating Mercedes is still proving to be a very steep mountain. The results of the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya resulted in the following:

  1. Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes
  2. Max Verstappen – Red Bull – (Also recorded the fastest Lap at 1:18:149)
  3. Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes

Here are the Current Standings for Drivers Points:

  1. Lewis Hamilton – 94
  2. Max Verstappen – 80
  3. Valtteri Bottas – 47
  4. Lando Norris – 41
  5. Charles Leclerc – 40
  6. Sergio Perez – 32
  7. Daniel Ricciardo – 24
  8. Carlos Sainz – 20
  9. Esteban Ocon – 10
  10. Pierre Gasly – 8
  11. Lance Stroll – 5
  12. Fernando Alonso – 5
  13. Yuki Tsunoda – 2
  14. Kimi Raikkonen – 0
  15. Antonio Giovinazzi – 0
  16. Sebastian Vettel – 0
  17. George Russell – 0
  18. Mick Schumacher – 0
  19. Nicholas Latifi – 0
  20. Nikita Mazepin – 0

Here are the Current Standings for Constructors Points:

  1. Mercedes – 141
  2. Red Bull Racing – 112
  3. McLaren – 65
  4. Ferrari – 60
  5. Alpine – 15
  6. AlphaTauri – 10
  7. Aston Martin – 5
  8. Alfa Romeo – 0
  9. Williams – 0
  10. Haas – 0

The Formula 1 season takes us next to Monaco, at the Grand Prix De Monaco (Circuit De Monaco) from May 20th to May 23rd. The 78 lap race consists of 19 turns and spans 3.337 km long (2.073 miles). Hopefully, we’ll see you there and we can’t wait for Round 5!

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Photo Credit – Formula 1 / Mercedes-AMG F1

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