Ford v Ferrari – After Watching ( Ford/Ferrari News )

Ford v Ferrari – After Watching ( Ford/Ferrari News )

Ford v Ferrari, one of the greatest automotive stories of all time. Recently put together as a film starring Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as Ken Miles, Ford v Ferrari exquisitely gives an inside look into how this world-famous rivalry started. If you have not seen the movie, stop reading and go see it!


Receiving a “Certified Fresh” score of 92% Tomatometer and 98% Audience Score from Rotten Tomatoes, Ford v Ferrari is so good you don’t even have to be a die hard car enthusiast to enjoy the film. As the title clearly states “After Watching”, this is simply an article displaying our opinion and why you need to go see it. Ford v Ferrari mainly tells the story from the standpoint of Ford and Carroll Shelby. Matt Damon, who masterfully plays Carroll Shelby, perfectly demonstrates the sheer passion that Shelby and his team had to work with Ford and win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thus, ultimately beating Ferrari four years in a row. Joining Matt Damon is Christian Bale, a.k.a. Batman but this time playing Ken Miles, in which he flawlessly shows Ken Miles’ skill in driving the Ford GT40 to ultimately take the crown.

Damon and Bale are able to identically portray the type of relationship Shelby and Miles had, which proves to be a rather interesting one. A fight between the two does occur once in the film, ultimately ending with the two of them sharing a couple glasses of coca cola and then happily discussing Ford and racing. How’s that for a relationship?

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Throughout the film we see Shelby continuously advising Ford on how the Ford GT40 project to beat Ferrari should go down, but some “corporate” interference and influence is withholding the project in doing so. Shelby’s charisma, persistence, and being headstrong allowed him to convince Henry Ford II to do things the right way, the Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles way. Once Ford’s blessing is granted, the flood gates become unleashed and the proper Ford GT begins to take shape. Ken Miles tests and modifies the Ford GT as he and Shelby see fit over the coming weeks before 24 Hours of Le Mans is present.

After several headaches but eventually getting everything right, the 1, 2, 3 winning Ford vehicles are born and head to Le Mans. Instant “beef” between Ford and Ferrari occur with intense looks going back and forth, including a rather heated argument over the racing rules. As the two continue to battle it out, Ferrari was beat by two factors: Ken Miles’ driving ability and Ferrari’s reliability in their vehicles during racing. Ken Miles’ has a good point of view in this story, in which all he cares about is driving. Which in the end, makes him the perfect man for the job. Miles’ main goal was to make the perfect car in order to drive the “perfect lap”. At the end, he achieves just that.

After the race is over Shelby and Miles show how they are two peas in a pod, walking off the track to continue to improve the Ford GT40. Sadly towards the end of the film, Miles; passes away via an accident with developing a newer GT40. The film then ends with Shelby talking to Ken Miles’ son and giving him his father’s wrench, a wrench that Miles’ actually throws at Shelby seconds before an earlier race in the film begins and ultimately damaging his own vehicle. Ken Miles’ of course won that race. To conclude, Matt Damon and Christian Bale were the perfect pair to demonstrate the Ford v Ferrari story. They each showed their character’s passions, flaws, and strengths. Standing up to Ford at certain times, was a HUGE risk that was absolutely necessary. Shelby being Shelby and Miles being Miles, their decisions to do what was best for the GT40 is what made them succeed.

Their passion for the car and racing is what allowed Shelby and Miles to win for Ford and beat Ferrari with a 1, 2, 3 finish. We can guarantee you we will watch this movie a few more times while it is in theaters. Truly, one of the best automotive movies ever. Rest In Peace Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, everything the both of you did for the automotive world will never be forgotten.

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Photo Credit – 20th Century Fox

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