Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV Fully Unveiled! ( Ford News )

Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV Unveiled! ( Ford News )

Ford has finally unveiled the Mustang Mach-E SUV! After so much tease from public events, news articles, leaked images, and twitter posts, the Mustang Mach-E is here. Quick spoiler alert, it’s incredible. Not only does this SUV from Ford join the Mustang family, it is also electric. In today’s world, having an electric option if non-negotiable. Even some of the G.O.A.T.s, such as Mercedes-Benz, agree that electric vehicles are the future and will make a 100% transition to a sustainable future. The Mustang Mach-E from Ford is absolutely astonishing, what makes it so amazing? Let’s take a further look.

Photo Credit – Ford

One of the main factors in our opinion that make the Mustang Mach-E incredible is its’ diversity in options. You see with the Mustang Mach-E, there isn’t just one SUV that has several equipment options customers can decide whether they want or not. With the Mustang Mach-E there is legitimately different variants of the SUV itself, as in there are 5 different types of Mustang Mach-Es’ available. Those 5 variants are as follows:

Select Mustang Mach-E – The Select version of the Mustang Mach-E is the base model. Starting at $43,895, the Select will come with 255 horsepower and achieve a 0-60mph time of 7 seconds with the RWD version and 6 seconds via the AWD version. The RWD version will have a total range of 230 miles while the AWD version is slightly smaller at 210 miles, in which both drive variants will be equipped with the 75.7 kWh battery pack developed by Ford. All of these specifications come to you via a 75.7 kWh battery pack.

Premium Mustang Mach-E – The Premium version of the Mustang Mach-E starts at $50,600 and comes optional with a bigger battery pack, 98.8 kWh. Though, the standard 75.7 kWh battery pack is still available. Both battery packs are available in RWD and AWD, but the 98.8 kWh seems to be a better option if opting for the “Premium” Mustang Mach-E. Performance is increased due to the bigger battery pack, horsepower is upped to 333 and 0-60mph is achieved in mid 5’s for AWD and low 6’s for RWD. With the 98.8 kWh battery pack being an available option, customers now have four choices when talking about range. The 75.7 kWh battery pack still offers 210 miles for AWD and 230 miles for RWD while the 98.8 kWh battery pack offers 270 miles for AWD and 300 miles for RWD.

Photo Credit – Ford

California Route 1 Mustang Mach-E – The California Route 1 version is mainly meant for long routes. Equipped with an extended battery pack and starting at $52,400, the California Route 1 gives 282 horsepower and a range of 300 miles per single charge. Perfect for the California coast!

Mustang Mach-E GT – For the performance lovers, this is the one for you. Starting at $60,500, the Mach-E GT utilizes bigger electric motors to pump out 459 horsepower. 0-60mph is earned in under 4 seconds while an additional GT performance Trim (optional) will make your 0-60 time even faster, just over 3 seconds. Total range is 250 miles per single charge for the Mustang Mach-E GT even though it is utilizing a bigger battery pack and electric motors, because it is tuned for performance. In addition to the increased performance, customers of the Mach-E GT will receive exclusive GT badging and a different metallic front grille.

First Edition Mustang Mach-E – Limited edition and truly special, the First Edition Mustang Mach-E starts at $59,990 and utilizes an extended range battery pack with AWD. 333 horsepower and 270 miles of range are accompanied with “First Edition” badging, red brake calipers, and aluminum pedals. In addition to the special styling, Ford will feature the First Edition in a special bright blue that won’t be available in any other model variant. The blue really reminds us of Grabber Blue!

Photo Credit – Ford

No matter which variant of the Mustang Mach-E you choose, all come with a charger that can plug into a 120V or 240V outlet. If desired, Ford does have a fast charger available for sale that can be installed via Amazon Home Services. A $7500 tax credit is also available for Mustang Mach-E customers, how about that! Ford is really doing everything they can to transition their $11 billion dollar push into the electric vehicle future. Now then, let’s talk about the Exterior. The Mustang Mach-E most certainly carries mustang-inspired design. All model variants are joined by the famous tri-bar headlights and taillights. Similarly lined hood and rear bumper can also be noticed when comparing the two. A mustang-inspired SUV will be guaranteed to shake up the competition, as many Mustang drivers can now opt for a Mustang SUV and not have to go elsewhere for a sporty-looking SUV.

Now that we know what’s going on with the exterior, what is Ford up to with the interior? Interior wise, magic has happened. The Blue Oval has seriously stepped up and given the Mustang Mach-E and incredible design. It is plentiful with headroom, legroom, and gives 29 cubic-feet of storage in the back. 4.8 cubic-feet of additional storage is available via the “frunk”, front trunk. Interior Illuminated buttons on the B and C pillars of the Mustang Mach-E replace traditional door handles for the interior. Beautifully-designed seats, mustang steering wheel, a 10.2’ digital gauge cluster, and a 15.5” touchscreen infotainment system display all make themselves at home in the new Mustang Mach-E. The digital gauge cluster and touchscreen infotainment system offer a world of tech and information.

Photo Credit – Ford

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto are available as options in the 15.5” infotainment system via Ford’s 4th generation SYNC technology. Also in the 15.5” inch display is where drivers will find all of their climate controls, Bluetooth settings, radio/media, navigation, etc. Both USB-A and USC-C ports are available in addition to a single wireless charging pad. A brand new version of Ford’s driver assistance system, CoPilot 360, will be available for use if customers wish. Ford does mention how in time they do want to allow advanced hands-free driving, though there is no precise deadline or time when it will be available. The 10.2” gauge cluster will mainly display driver information, naturally. Our favorite part of the gauge cluster happens to be how the Mustang Mach-E’s 3 different driving modes change the display.

The First driving mode, Whisper, is very calm and minimalist The Second driving mode, Engage, offers the driver more data-based information. The Thirds and final driving mode, Unbridled, changes the screen graphics by adding copper-colored graphics around the speedometer and change to the same direction as the Mustang Mach-E pulls G-forces. Rather unique!

Photo Credit – Ford

Many will mention the main infotainment display is a sheer copy of Tesla. Truthfully, they aren’t wrong because Tesla “pioneered” the large infotainment screen look. In fact, it’s so popular several automotive manufacturers will be offering the same thing. In our eyes, it’s Ford’s way of giving Tesla a compliment as a great design feature. Other options of the Mach-E include an upgraded B&O sound system and a panoramic glass roof. All in all, our hats go off to Ford and a huge congratulations is in order. Not only did they masterfully craft a beautifully-designed Mustang-inspired SUV, this is also a big step towards massive electric vehicle production. Neither of these feats are easy, yet Ford pulled both of them off. Congratulations to Ford again, the Mustang Mach-E will be a huge success.

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Photo Credit – Ford
Photo Credit – Ford

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