Fisker Teases New SUV, The Ocean ( Fisker News )

Fisker Teases New SUV, The Ocean ( Fisker News )


Over the past few years, Fisker has been redefining themselves as an entire company. Ownership, design, price, and performance are some of the many changes that have occured. The Fisker brand has always emphasized a Southern California lifestyle that is deemed eco-friendly and sporty. As Fisker continues to expand their brand and image, a new face is born. Named “Ocean”, Fisker’s premium luxury SUV has a goal to be the world’s most sustainable vehicle. The Ocean is full of sustainable and eco-friendly ideas that will make it fit right into the electric vehicle market.

The Ocean utilizes recycled carpeting, vegan interior, a solar panel roof, and other eco-friendly materials to make sure the Ocean is environmentally conscious. A capable range of 250-300 miles are the result of two high performance electric motors, allowing the Fisker Ocean to comfortably make the coastal drive along with California coast. Speaking of California, Fisker currently has a patent-pending called “California Mode”, which is a type of driving experience that will enable passengers to “experience the sun, fresh air and an open feeling without being in a convertible.” Fitting, wouldn’t you agree?

5 different option packages for the Ocean will be available when it officially premiers in 2022, in which reservations are currently open. Via Fisker’s website, only a $250 reservation will land you a Fisker Ocean once available. Fisker has chosen a rather interesting financing plan for their newest vehicle, one that greatly catches the eyes of many. Fisker has been marketing the Ocean via a $379 monthly payment with $2999 down, a bold move. If these numbers hold true, the Fisker Ocean will be a huge competitor due to its’ price alone. $379/Month is around the same price as what a Tesla Model 3 costs, when configuring a lease. Is Fisker catching your eye with their payment options along with their overall mission of creating a sustainable vehicle? Only time will tell, as Fisker plans to release more details in January 2020. As more news surfaces, Tialg will keep you 100% informed

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