Bugatti Reveals New Vehicle Customization Program Called "Sur Mesure"

Bugatti Reveals New Vehicle Customization Program Called “Sur Mesure”

If you’re a Bugatti customer, then we’ve got some good news for you! After years and years of customer-demand, Bugatti has finally created a full-spec customization program to allow buyers to do a deep-dive into creating their own unique spec! Already, buyers’ of Bugatti vehicles have the ability to do some really creative combinations of interior and exterior design. Though now, Bugatti is not limiting anything that comes to a customer’s dream car. Anything you can think of, Bugatti will assist you to create!

Bugatti’s new customization program, called Bugatti Sur Mesure, actually translates to “Tailored” in French. Not to be mistaken with Ferrari’s “Tailor-Made”. To create this program for customers, Bugatti has pulled members from both their Design Team and Engineering team in order to make this feat possible. Because the Bugatti Sur Mesure Program allows for unlimited paint/color options in addition to use-of unusual materials, both teams are needed. The first customer example created using the Bugatti Sur Mesure program, is the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport that is pictured. Well done on this spec, whomever owns this car!

As Bugatti says in their own words via their Instagram, @bugatti,“The first project under BUGATTI Sur Mesure is a CHIRON Pur Sport inspire by the 20th-century heroics of legendary racing driver, Louis Chiron. He is not only the eponym to the CHIRON, but also one of the most successful racing drivers of the early 20th century. In 1931, he won the French Grand Prix at Montlhery in his Type 51. The number 32 was resplendent in bold letters on the racing car, and is now once again adorning the CHIRON Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’”.

The bright blue exterior combined with Black and Deep Red color combinations really make all of the details pop. From the #32 on the sides of the car and on the interior headrests, the small “EB” logo in Red and Black on the exterior, to the red-stitched “EB” logo on the door panels, everything about this spec is exquisite. We especially love the Alcantara on the door panels and the Matte Carbon Fiber Trim on the Center Console. This spec is truly something special and we can’t imagine what other specs are to come!

Photo Credit For All Images Used – Bugatti

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