Bentley To Release 208 Examples of a Carbon-Neutral NFT in September

Bentley To Release 208 Examples of a Carbon-Neutral NFT in September

Bentley is entering into the world of Web3 and NFTs! Just like McLaren recently announced not long ago with their “MSO Labs” NFT Project, Bentley is looking to do something similar.


Bentley’s plan to enter the Web3/NFT space starts with their “Beyond100” plan of becoming more sustainable and environmentally conscience, ultimately leading to their newfound partnership with Polygon – an NFT Marketplace that has achieved carbon-neutral status. Polygon’s NFT abilities combined with their newly achieved carbon-neutral status, makes them a perfect match for Bentley to release their first NFT whilst simultaneously being environmentally conscience.


Bentley’s first NFT drop will be limited to only 208 examples, 208 being a number inspired by two things: The total production number of the 1952 Bentley R-Type Continental and the top speed of the Bentley Continental GT Speed.


Owners of Bentley’s first NFT will gain new opportunities within the brand, yet to be disclosed, and will achieve additional special perks. Our guess is owning a Bentley NFT will give access to special one-off vehicles, invite-only events, etc., making this a very similar thing to McLaren’s MSO Labs Project. We’re curious to see what the NFT turns out to be and we’ll keep you updated!


Photo Credit and Source – Bentley


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