Bentley "Bentayga Equestrian Collection" Revealed - Limited To 10 Units

Bentley “Bentayga Equestrian Collection” Revealed – Limited To 10 Units

If you happen to live in the British cities of Antwerp, Brussels, Knokke, or the country of Belgium and you love Bentley, we’ve got great news for you! If you also have an interest in Equestrian Riding, then this news will be even better!

Bentley "Bentayga Equestrian Collection" Revealed - Limited To 10 Units
Photo Credit - Bentley


This just in, Bentley has unveiled a brand-new exclusive model that is limited to only 10 units and features special “Equestrian” inspiration. This special Bentley vehicle will come specifically as a Bentayga V8 SUV built by Mulliner, Bentley’s special projects and customization team. The “Bentayga Equestrian Collection” will be featured and debuted at the Brussels Stephex Masters; the most prestigious international show for Equestrian jumping competitions. While we can’t personally relate to Equestrian competition and horse-related sports, we can relate to saying how cool the Bentley Bentayga Equestrian Collection looks for a luxury SUV! We mention the British cities of Antwerp, Brussels, Knokke, the country of Belgium because this special Bentayga will only be available at those Bentley dealership locations.


The Bentley Bentayga Equestrian Collection is quite the looker, in fact everything about it looks fantastic. The exterior and the interior match each other to make the entire vehicle flow in design, featuring a new “Burnt Oak” finish. Let’s start with the interior!



27 different hides and stitching color options are available for customers to choose from, along with 100 different wood, veneer, and stone options to create the ultimate “Equestrian” look. The seats for both front and rear have a beautiful diamond quilted embroidery on the upper back and shoulder area, while perpendicular lines accompany the lower majority. The top middle of the seats features a matching-stitched color horse head design, symbolizing the Equestrian sport. In the spec shown, this Bentley Bentayga Equestrian Collection features the “Burnt Oak” leather color with “Mandarin Orange” contrast stitching for all the following: Seat Piping, Horse Head Design, Steering Wheel, Cabin Stitching, and Center Console. The Veneer on the right-front passenger-side features “Bentley Equestrian Collection” script with metal overlay.


Getting to the exterior, a Carbon-Fiber styling kit with sports exhaust and 22” 10-spoke wheels accompany a matching brown paint. 26 additional exterior color options have been added by Mulliner to allow customers to create a truly unique Equestrian Bentayga spec. Last but most certainly not least, an Equestrian Horse design plaque is featured on the rear pillars on the exterior, assuming it is metal.



All in all, we love this 10-unit Equestrian Bentayga! Congratulations to Bentley on creating a unique trim package, we hope to see one in person!


Photo Credit and Source – Bentley


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