Bentley Batur Revealed - Styling Reflects Bentley's Future of EV

Bentley Batur Revealed – Styling Reflects Bentley’s Future of EV

The Bentley Batur was revealed at this year’s Monterey Car Week, showcasing Bentley’s future styling of their upcoming EV line of cars! While the Batur in particular isn’t an EV, it’s primary goal is to set the stage for design. In fact, the Bentley Batur is quite the performance machine and is the direct opposite of an electric vehicle.


The Bentley Batur is fitted with a Twin-Turbocharged 6.0L W12 that pumps out 710 horsepower and 738 lb-ft torque, making the Batur the fastest Bentley ever created! This being the case, Bentley has had to make all sorts of adjustments and refinements to compensate for the performance; Compared to their normal lineup. Newly refined air suspension with active anti-roll, improved four-wheel steering, and an electronic limited-slip differential we’re all essential for the Batur to have peak performance. Looking the way that it does with the performance it has, is the Bentley Batur the best Bentley ever made?



While the exterior is a drastic change with aggressive and futuristic styling, the inside remains traditional Bentley luxury. It wasn’t that long ago Bentley revamped their interior, and it’s truly perfect. Since the Batur is a representative of future styling, showcasing and progressing Bentley’s “Beyond100” strategy, the interior is rather eco-friendly. We’re looking at sustainable leather, recycled yarn, fiber composite, and sustainable suede. Though if you’d rather go for style than eco-ness, Bentley will offer 3D-Printed 18K Gold components for the interior. Quite the drastic difference in options, wouldn’t you say?



If the Bentley Batur is on your eye, we’re sad to tell you that all 18 models are already sold out. With each costing $2,000,000, customers will be receiving their Batur’s in mid-late 2023. Isn’t it amazing how quick multi million-dollar cars sell out nowadays?



We’d love to see what specs customers come up with on the Bentley Batur, the Bacalar specs thus far have been incredible. Hats off to Bentley for unveiling a truly incredible vehicle!


Photo Credit and Source – Bentley


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