Aston Martin Reveals New Logo, Pertaining To A New Future

Aston Martin Reveals New Logo, Pertaining To A New Future

Change is coming for Aston Martin, both on the business back-end and the customer-front end!


Presented to the world, Aston Martin has changed their logo and slogan, representing a strong future for both customers and investors. “Intensity. Driven.” going along with a new wings logo that has become simplified. The Aston Martin traditional wings logo loses some of its’ lines, gets bolder lines, and sees a change in font. This change follows a new gameplan to achieve record-breaking sales, launch their first EV in 2025, and allows for new branding that will set place on the next generation of Aston Martin vehicles (TBD). The new logo, as seen, has been handcrafted by Jewelry Artisans from the Jewelry Quarter in Birmingham, England.



Much of this change comes from a $783,000,000 investment from Saudi Arabia, via the Saudi Arabia Sovereign Wealth Fund. This dollar amount accounts for a 16.7% stake in Aston Martin and relieves much of Aston Martin’s financial debt going forward. Through debt consolidation and obtaining new cash, Aston Martin is able to relieve a lot of the pressures and focus on going forward.


We’ve got nothing but love for Aston Martin, and hope they continue towards a bright future of creating incredible GT cars!


Photo Credit and Source – Aston Martin




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